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Happy Clients!

“Before we started training with Summer and On the Ball, we had a wonderful yet rambunctious 75lb Golden Retriever. On the Ball training was not our first training program. We tried two other programs with unsuccessful results. Though it takes a lot of work keeping up with the training (as in any training program) we noticed a change in our dog’s behavior fairly quickly. He’s still the same wonderful 75lb Golden Retriever, but with much better manners. Some of the issues that have been corrected were: jumping (sometimes even humping) on guests, lunging and pulling while on walk, and getting WAY TOO excited when crossing paths of other dogs. After 8 weeks of training: jumping is no longer an issue, walking is no longer a chore, and his manners with other dogs have improved dramatically. We are very happy with the results and Beau is much happier, as now he understands that he no longer needs to pull on walks. We wanted a dog we could take out in public and enjoy being outdoors with. Thanks to On the Ball Training and Summer, we have achieved our goal.”
Thank You Summer!
Wes, Vivi and Beau

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Looking for something to dog with your dog? Get out and Get movin’

Over the next several weekends there are lots of events going on that are dog friendly! Here is a list of a few of them:

Rabies ClinicSaturday April 17th 2010 on the Square in Downtown Sanger.

Open House at the Flower Mound Animal Adoption CenterSaturday April 24th 2010 from 10am-2pm. Come out and enjoy refreshments while you meet the guests of honor –  The fuzzy Faces of Flower Mound! There will be pet adoptions, bounce house, face painting, dog wash & more.

Paws Jump into Spring Play Day & Dog WalkSaturday May 1st 2010 from 10am-3pm at Lucky Dog Daycare Ranch. Bring your FRIENDLY dog for a day of play, excercise and refreshments.

OTB K9 Out and AboutSunday May 2nd 2010 from 9:30am-11am at South Lakes Park in Denton TX – Come out and join us for our monthly pack walk with your dog. This months walk is kicking off Fit Dog Fit Nation Day ! Get out and get moving with your dog!

Looking for other events going on around the DFW area? Check out Dallasdoglife!

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Make sure your pet is up to date!

Vaccination Clinic

On Sanger Downtown Square

Saturday, April 17th
(Rain date: April 24)
Between 10:00 AM and 1 PM

Sponsored by:
Sanger Chamber of Commerce
With the help of
Dr. Lynn Stucky
Sanger/Denton Veterinarian

Rabies only—$8
Basic—$20 (K-9 DHLPP & Rabies) (Feline FVRPC & Rabies)
Deluxe—$30 (K-9 DHLPP, Corona,Rabies, Bordetella) (Feline FVRPC, Leukemia, Rabies)

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KONG Wobbler

This past weekend I attended the International Association of Canine Professionals annual conference in Hutto TX. I was able to listen and learn new things from Joel Silverman from Good Dog U, Aimee Sadler, Sue Sternberg, Temple Grandin  who wrote Animals make us human, Mark Hines from KONG & more.
I am thankful to be able to continue my education to help dogs and their owners live a happier more balanced lifes together.

I was also able to get one of the new KONG Wobblers. This toy is awesome. Here is a preview:   Thank You Unleashed Unlimited for putting the video together.

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Aprils Pack Walk- Lake Ray Roberts Johnson Branch Trail

On The Ball K9 Training invites previous, current and prospective clients to join our organized pack walk. This is not designed to be a meet and greet for all dogs present, as some will be further along on their rehabilitation process than others, but more of a fun way to exercise our dogs as a pack and get to know other owners who share common goals and training methods.
This pack walk is open to all dogs. With that being said, you should approach every dog/owner with that in mind, so use common courtesy and manners. All owners/handlers are responsible for the actions of their own dogs at all times. All dogs should be leashed at all times. No exceptions. This is NOT a training class.

Aprils pack walk is schedule for Saturday April 10 at 9am.  The walk will take about 1 1/2 hours.  Please bring water, poop bags and anything else you may need for your dog(s). There is a $5 fee per adult unless you have park pass.

Directions: From Denton take I-35 north to Exit 483-(Lone Oak Rd) head East for about 7 miles. Park entrance is on the right. After you enter the park continue until the road ends.

Get out and have some fun with your dog.  Meet new people & other dog lovers 🙂

Looking for some training so you & your dog can get out and have some fun with other dog lovers?  On The Ball K9 Training LLC. can help. We offers FREE demonstrations and evaluations with your dog.  Contact us today to schedule yours so you can get out with your dog this Summer and have some fun!!

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It’s a party!

Looking for something to do with your dog?  Well on March 27 2010 from 10am to 3pm come out and join the party.  Where is this party you ask?  It’s at Beaus Bath House in Denton.  Beau is throwing a party for his buddies and you are invited too. 

Are you wonder which Beau’s buddies will be there?  Well, On The Ball K9 Training will be there as well as Denton Animal Shelter Foundation Inc, North Texas Animal Control Authority, Precise Dog Food & The Texas Coalition- low cost spay/neuter & shots.

There will be lots of great info about dog training, several pet foods including Life’s Abundance, yummy treats, lots of toys including Planet Dog & Kong, prizes, FREE samples & more. 

Looking for a new dog? There will be pet adoption & information too.

Come out and join the party!  Hope to see you there!!

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Save some money and get the best training for your dog!

Ever think about sending your dog off for some training?  Don’t have time to attend obedience classes?  Going on vacation? 

Now would be the time to sign up for our Board and Train Program

During this 14 day “doggie camp” your dog will stay with us in our home and not only learn the basic commands of walking nice on a leash, sit, down, come & place.  They will also learn basic house manner, how to behave politely in public, & some off leash commands. 

Check out Maggie’s story

If you have a puppy between 8 – 16 weeks old, we can help you with that too.  Our “doggie camp” will get your puppy started off right with housebreaking, play biting, socializing & more.

For a limited time we are offering $200 off our Board and Train Program.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE demonstration and evaluation with your dog. 

Training must start no later than March 1, 2010 in order to receive discount. Space is limited!!

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Training Your Dog- Is it worth it?

Picture this: You just got this cute little bundle of fur. When you brought this bundle of fur home it was so playful, funny, & loved to cuddle.  Then one day this cute little bundle of fur goes to the bathroom on your brand new rug (new rug $50).  The next time it chews a hole in your drywall (drywall repairs $300), starts digging holes in your yard (landscape repairs $250), and chews up the leather couch (new couch $1000).  Now this cute little bundle of fur isn’t so cute anymore since it is destroying all of your things.

When you starting looking for dog training there are several things to consider.  Here are a few things for you to think about.

* Private lessons- These lessons are normally done in your home or a place agreed upon by you and the trainer.  Lessons include you, your dog and the trainer.  Private lessons are great to work on specific problems and get more personal attention.  Private lessons are usually more expensive than group classes.

* Group Classes- This would be a class were there would be multiple people & dogs. Classes are usually once a week for a certain amount of weeks (normally 4, 6, or 8 weeks long).  Group class is great when working on socialization & distractions.  Most of the time (depending on the trainer) you will not get the personal attention in a group class.  Group classes are usually less expensive.

* Board & Train- a board and train program is where you would send your dog off to a trainer or training facility.  Board and Train programs can vary in price depending on how long your dog stays, what it taught and where you send your dog.  Some trainers or training facilities will tell you that the dog get a certain amount of  “training sessions” in a 14 day period.  What does your dog do the rest of the time its at the training facility?

* Specialty classes- These would be classes geared toward teaching your dog specific skills such as agility, tricks, AKC CGC, etc.  These classes are usually less expensive like a group class because there are multiple people & dogs.

No matter what type of training your interested in doing, make sure you check out your trainer or training facility.  Make sure you are comfortable with whoever will be helping you train your dog.

So the original question was Training your dog- is it worth it?  Think about how long you are going to have your dog and how much training will cost.  My answer would be, if its going to save my stuff, stop my dog from chewing up things, & I can take my dog with me out in public without having to worry about him or her acting like an unruly child, then YES its worth it.

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Puppy Preschool scheduled to start Feb. 6

Did you get a new puppy for the holidays? We are getting ready to start our first puppy preschool class in Sanger Texas. On February 6 2010 @ 11am start your new puppy out right!
In this class you will learn how to:
* House break your puppy
* groom and provide appropriate health care
* play positive games with your pup
* begin shaping behaviors such as leash walking, waiting at the door, sit and come.
* reduce behaviors such as play biting, jumping up, and inappropriate chewing.

This is a 4 week class. Cost is $75 per puppy
Last day to reserve a spot is February 1st 2010
Contact us @ or 940 765 3597 to reserve your spot today!

Keep your pets warm during this winter weather!

With this unusually cold weather in North Texas we don’t want to forget to keep our furry kids safe.  Here are some tips that will help you do that:

* If your pets are normally outside, you may want to consider bringing them into the house.  If you are unable to bring them inside, make sure that they have a draft-free storage building or garage to go into with dry, clean bedding. Use extreme caution when using electric heaters or heat lamps and keep cords out of reach.

* Very young, old & short-haired dogs and cats should only spend a short time outside in freezing weather.

* Make sure to give you animals with plenty of fresh, unfrozen water in plastic bowls. With temperature below freezing, your dogs tongue could stick to a metal bowl.

Remember your dog still needs to get excercise.  If you have a short-haired dog, make you put a coat or some sort of protection on them. We don’t have any snow here in North Texas to worry about (right now) so booties wont be necessary.  If you are unable to get your dog out for its regular walk, here are a few things to consider to still get your dog some physical and mental stimulation. 

* Teach your dog a new trick, obedience command or game. Hide a toy or treat and have your dog find it.  Start out by hiding the toy or treat in a place that would make it easy for them to find and then increase the difficulty.

* Teach your dog to walk on the Treadmill- Treadmill training is a great way to still get excercise for your dog when the weather is too cold or too hot for that matter. 

* Dont have a treadmill?  You may want to consider getting a dog walker.  This is a great idea if you have a very active dog that needs lots of excercise.


 We offer both treadmill training and dog walking services. Contact us for more information!

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